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Posted on February 16, 2022

Taking an outfit from day to night for men has never been easier. The lifestyle of being able to go straight from day time antics to nighttime adventures is now becoming the norm as men want to be able to move seamlessly between the activities they love most.

What it all comes down to – your wardrobe basics.

If you have a trusty collection of basics that allows you to layer and coordinate different colours and patterns, the transition of going between day to night will be all the more seamless. 

Basics you should have in your wardrobe:

  • Basic T-shirts, in varying colours 
  • Trousers in varying colours 
  • Loose fitting blazer
  • Fitted blazer
  • Classic sweater
  • Pair of dress shoes
  • Pair of clean sneakers or casual shoes

By utilizing your collection of basics, you have the option of layering statement pieces that can speak for themselves through their colour, pattern and style as well as pairing some extra accessories.

Styling Tips

T-shirts & Trousers

A classic T-shirt paired with trousers gives you a refined, not-so-serious look. When wearing basics it’s important to ensure the clothing fits your body correctly and the sleeve lengths fall at a complementary place on your arms, you can then complete your daytime look with a pair of fresh sneakers. When taking your refined, not-so-serious look to the nightlife you can simply layer a stylish blazer overtop and change your shoes to some modern loafers or boots and you’re ready for a night of fun. 

Suit Jacket & Shorts

Suit jackets paired with stylish shorts can give you a smart, yet summery look. When choosing shorts to pair with your suit jacket it’s best to try neutral colours first, in a chinos style to keep a classic feel and let the blazer speak for itself. While this look can seem intimidating for some men to attempt, it all comes down to knowing your body shape:

  • Tall & Slender: A shorter suit jacket will complement your height structure.
  • Bigger Build: A seamlessly fit suit jacket will create a clear body proportion and strong silhouette. 

You can make this look nighttime ready by swapping out your casual sneakers for some trendy loafers and added accessories such as belts, and jewelry to complete the transition to night.

Roll Neck Sweaters

For a seamless transition from day to night, a roll neck jumper is your biggest hit! Pair it with a denim jacket and clean sneakers for your day-time schedule and throw on a blazer and some boots as you move out to enjoy the nightlife.

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Now it’s time to apply these tips and live that fashionably seamless lifestyle you want.

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