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Design your own shoes, with just one touch – YOUR OWN

Stand out, express yourself, create, be daring and have fun, choosing between a variety of eye-catching leathers, bright colours and soles for every taste and comfort. Finally, sign your shoe with the engraving that best represents you.

Celebrate your uniqueness!

It just takes the touch of skilled hands to create your uniqueness

The touch of our master craftsmen, who represent the driving force of Made in Italy excellence. A pure expression of Italian expertise, which is unique in the world, they create your shoes which encapsulate tradition, knowledge, innovation and beauty and which are designed to last.


We produce 100% MADE IN ITALY

We live and work in the Marche, one of the largest footwear manufacturing districts, all our suppliers are located within a 10Km radius, and help us to create a 100% made in Italy product.
Law no. 166/09 rewards companies that keep production exclusively in Italy, allowing them to apply the 100% made in Italy brand when all phases (design, planning, processing, and packaging) are carried out exclusively in Italy.
Companies that produce simple Made in Italy can instead relocate 2 of these 4 phases abroad, tracing the external ones, but often end up delocalizing those with greater added value.
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Create your own customized shoe

When your custom shoes fit perfectly they grant a sleek look to any of your outfit. Customize your shoes choosing every detail, from the model to the color of the leather and the type of sole: designing personalized shoes has never been easier!

Choice of the model
Choose the model that best suits your style. Choose from over 80 shoe styles, from lace-up shoes to loafers, boots, and sneakers.
Get inspired from our designs, use the 3D Configurator to customize every detail, and watch your shoes take shape in real time.

Select your size
follow the DIS Feet Measurement Guide to nail down your perfect size.

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